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Yeezy Life - How Kenya West changed the fashion world

Apr 14, 2022Nir Karta

Believe it or not, the first billion, Kanye West had made, (now known as Ye), did not come from the music industry.


Despite Ya's extensive background as an international rapper and singer, it is that interesting turn he made to the fashion world, that brought him to new heights in terms of worldwide success and recognition.



In 2007, Kenya West's brand, "Yeezy", saw the light of day, in a collaboration remembered by sneaker lovers today, with the luxury clothing brand A Bathing Ape - Bape, which helped greatly in raising the brand and bringing it to further collaborations that helped it become the nickname it is today.


The shoe was given the name "College drop out Bapesta'', inspired by the album that released shortly before, and by a model similar to one of Nike's best-selling models,



kanye louis vuitton

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton (2009)


From there, West continued to collaborate with luxury brand, Louis Vuitton in 2009, with friends Paul Halbers and Marc Jacobs - Ye designed a fashionable outing for friends and family, with works different from the usual Louis Vuitton landscape, with models inspired by his concert director - Don C, and singer Mr Hudson.


The high "Jasper" shoe is named after Ye's Barber - Ivan Jasper and is considered one of the rarest and most unique shoes created at the time and worn by none other than Jay Z, J Balvin and other artists.

Ready for action? Air Yeezy


This is perhaps the story that ignited the biggest controversy between Nike fans and Adidas fans, with the collaboration of the Ye brand, and the company with the Swash.


In 2009, Ye teamed up with Mark Smith, one of Nike's top designers, who designed the Nike Air Raid and other iconic models.


In the collaboration between them, they set themselves a goal of designing a shoe that would be suitable for walking on another planet.


This created a shoe that to this day is considered by many as a 'holy grail' in the world of sneakers - the Nike Air Yeezy.


Launched for the first time in the "Glow in the Dark" shopping tour, it was launched in small quantities around the world.




The action continues - Air Yeezy 2


In 2012, Ye returns to a partnership with Nike, continuing what they started.


He's teamed up with designer Nathan Van Hawk, and together the two are designing a model that has driven the world of sneaker enthusiasts crazy.


With a sort of strap over the shoe, and interesting heel refinements, the shoe exceeded all expectations.


The most sought-after model from the Yeezy 2 series - known as Red Octobers, was launched via Nike's tweet 'on the social network' Twitter.


Today the shoe is estimated at around $ 10,000.


So wait, where's the action? Where's the next Nike Yeezy?


Great questions, in the end, Ye left Nike, due to disagreements over the royalties he demanded to get from Nike for the shoe sales and other things



Ye shared in an interview that Nike CEO Mark Parker was unwilling to talk to him on the phone and that Nike people did not understand why people like Yeezys and in comparison, he has the Adidas CEO's cell phone number, and described him as "someone who could build things with him"


Adidas Yeezy - The saga continues



From there Ye leaves for Nike's biggest competitor - Adidas, as he declares - I left you for the benefit of those who truly understand me.


This huge collaboration has brought us models that sneaker enthusiasts adore to this day - such as the Yeezy 350, 750, Turle Dove, Yeezy 500 and even Yeezy Slides.


Since then, Ye continues to create unique and sought-after sneakers around the world and even extends to further collaborations with companies like Gap, Balenciaga and more.




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