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History of Michael Air Jordan – How it all began

Nov 26, 2021Nir Karta

Love sneakers!? If you're also wondering where did all the hype come from for JordansDunksYeezys and rare sneakers in generalwe've made a short overview of how it all began. 


Michael Air Jordan 

Michael Jordan is probably the most influential person in sneakers to dateAlthough the legend left the basketball court in 2003his shoe and clothing brand remained long after he stopped honoring the basketball world in his presence 

And if that's not enoughit's not even the end of his legacy - the documentary that surfaced on Netflix in 2020 - "The Last Dance" - gave the world a glimpse into the glorious past of the legendary Chicago Bulls and the phenomenal acting and magic of And the 90s - Michael Jordan. 

The film actually gave anyone who was too young or wasn't born in the 70s the opportunity to get excited about the team's breathtaking momentsfrom the tremendous growth of Michael Jordan playing on a small university team in the North USA to a basketball legend and leading a new cultural genre now known as Sneaker Culture 


How did Michael Jordan change our attitude towards sneakers 


After graduating from the University of North CarolinaMichael Jordan signed with a small team in the city of Chicagothe BullsAs a player on the UNC University team in the USA, (whose Jordan models in color never cease to be in demand), it could not be ignored that he made a name for himself as a star on the team and thus was selected to play for the Bulls. 


After a glorious period as a Shooting Guard on the Chicago Bulls basketball teamMichael was naturally approached by many sports and fashion brands for sponsorships and deals in which his name would be signed on various products 

 Among other brands like the energy drink, "Gatorade", the car brand "Chverolet", and moreMichael wanted to join the fashion brand "Adidas", with a collaboration in the field of basketball shoes. 

The company declined his requestclaiming they are not currently interested in focusing on promoting basketball shoes 



Nike's move 

Not long afterMichael was approached by the beloved Nike brandand considered refusing their request to meet. 

 After being persuaded by his mother to answer positively to their requesta meeting was arranged between Michael Jordan and Nike representativesand the rest is history. 

The initial agreement with Nike was for a total of $ 500,000 per year for Michaelwith a line of basketball shoes unique to himand this was then considered one of the highest deals made with a "novice" player ever in the basketball world. 

 After deals with Converse and Adidas fellit was up to then-Nike CEO Phil Knight and his team to ensure they did not disappoint Michael. 

 Designer Peter CMoore was recruited to help set up the brandand with a sketch on the back of a paper napkinMoore combined Jordan's miraculous ability to "fly" in the air with a simple basketball logo featuring wingsand so the first Air Jordan logo was born 


The NBA Banning 

 During the early '80sthe NBA had strict footwear rulesSneakers had to be whiteBlack and red sneakers? There was nothingand it was considered a daring move to wear shoes in these colors. 

 This ban actually started a story that created one of the most sought after shoes on earth. 

 Nike created for Michael a shoe now known as the Air Jordan 1 High "Banned", due to this story. 

The shoe colors were as mentioned red and blackcontrary to NBA dress code. 

 It is said that Michael was warned that for every time he went up to play with the shoehe would be fined $ 5,000 

Since this is the perfect marketing movewhich the NBA simply submitted to Nike on a silver platterNike happily instructed Michael to continue to come up and play with the shoeand they would pay all the fines they would record. 

 In April 1985Nike sold Jordan shoes worth $ 70 millionEveryone wanted to be like MikeIt was a perfect relationship. 

 Jordan was the hottest player in the basketball world and the fact that his shoes were banned by the NBA only added to the attractionNowkids on the courts all over the US will emulate the greatest player in the leagueMichael Jordan was 22 years old and had already created his own sneaker heritageAnd this is just the beginning 


The legacy to this day 

There are several reasons why Jordans have remained so relevant in sneaker culture to this dayFirstwe are sentimental beings. 

 Whether it's by linking specific colors to games or memories that blend in with the sneakersJordan remained part of the sneaker culture for one reasonMichael Jordan. 

 Without him there would be no Jordansand without them the world of sneakers would have looked completely different. 

 In recent yearsJordan's brand has become much more creativewith collaborations with brandsdesigners and artists and all with the aim of establishing the brand and spreading the story of Air Jordan.  

Familiar peoplebrands and figures like UNDEFEATEDEminemVirgil AblohTravis ScottJ Balvin and many morehave all contributed to the brand's importance in sneaker culture 



Looking for your Jorands? 

With over 30 years of history around the brandwe are happy to take you on a brief tour of how the brand has become one of the cornerstones of the world's sneaker cultureIf you are looking for a pair of JordansDunkiesIzzyand morefeel free to browse the site now

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