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Love sneakers? Here is the full guide to Sneaker Terms that you should know

Nov 26, 2021Nir Karta

Started getting interested in sneakers and came across all sorts of terms in another language? Welcome 


Sneakers and streetwear have long been more than just clothing itemsbut an entire culturewith its own cultural characteristicsfrom fashion to unique music and language! 


Want to get to know all about it? Here are the terms you have to know 


WTB - Want to Buy 


When we publish a post in communities with the intention of purchasing a shoe or item of clothing that can not be found elsewhere 


WTS - Want to Sell 


When we post clothing or shoes we want to sell in different communities / platforms 


 WTT - Want to Trade 


When you have any sneakers or interesting clothing items that people are looking forIn case you want to swap them for something newyou can upload a post with pictures and the term WTT 


LPU - Latest pickup - 


The term used when we bought a new shoe or other item of clothingand we want to show off to friends on social media 


WDYWT - what did you wear today 


We usually come across this term in a thread designed to share in the comments which shoe we wore today or which with interesting clothing we decided to go out with today 


What it does it mean DS?

DS - Deadstock sameonly without tag 


DSWT - deadstock with tags 


Comes from the term "stock = stockand dead = deadwhich in American slang is used instead of "completely" or "seriously". 


The term expresses the fact that the product I am talking about is brand new as in the storewith the tag on it still. 


VNDS - Very near deadstock Very close to like new 

Sometimes when people try on the shoe / item oncechange laces or use the shoe / item very lightly before putting it up for sale 


OG - sometimes used as an abbreviation for the word "Original" 

If in cases where the shoe that is sold comes with all the items that came with it from the store (OG ALL) or if it is a model in its original version 


Retail - Store price 

The price of the item - whether clothing or shoe is rareas priced in the store. 


For exampletoday Jordan 1 models are highusually costing 680 NIS in Nike or Foot Lockerbut after the stock runs outthe price varies depending on the supply and demand in the market 



Resale - This term basically describes the entire field of sneakers and streetwear. 

All the most coveted itemsthe ones you can find almost nowherewere sold in the storealbeit for a very short time and in very limited stock. 

The resell market is what determines the value of the item after the store has run out of stockaccording to supply and demand. 




"Legit", short for Legitimatein the world of sneakers and hyperefers to an item or person who sells an item that is reliable or authentic and 100% originalusually said in cases where we want to test a unique shoe purchased or ask for recommendations about a particular seller. 




Stands for 'Outfit', in US slangsince verbally the two word sound very much alike.  


Want to know more about sneakers and streetwear? 


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