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Travis Scott x Nike Air Jordan = Total Madness

Apr 02, 2022Nir Karta

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Do you know Nike? Great. And Travis Scott? Obviously 

There is probably no person in the Western world who has not heard of Travis Scott, whether in a musical or fashionable context. 

In 2022, Travis Scott, or by his real name: Jacques Berman Webster II, is one of the hottest and best-known names in the world of rap and fashion (well not the real name but you get the point). 


Who is Travis Scott? 

Travis was born in Houston, Texas, USA, and from the age of six Webster lived with his grandmother in South Park, Houston, a neighborhood in south-central Houston, that is notoriously crime-ridden and greatly influenced young Scott and later moved in with his parents. Travis went on to study at the University of Texas at San Antonio and dropped out in his sophomore year to realize his dream of becoming a rapper. 

In a 2018 interview on Jimmy Fallon's night show, Travis revealed that he created his stage name as a tribute to Kid Cudi, as his real name is Scott, and to his uncle, whose name is Travis.  


The pursuit of the dream and the rise to glory 

After leaving school, Scott moved from Houston to several other states until he finally arrived in California, Los Angeles. Due to financial difficulties he eventually returned to his parents' home in Houston who refused to accept him and so he returned once again to Los Angeles and lived with his friend who studied at USLA (University of Southern California). 


After many attempts at recordings, collaborations that were dismantled and efforts to distribute his music to the world, in 2012, Scott signed with the record company Epic Records and not long after, signed a deal with GOOD Music which is owned by Kanye West, as part of its Very GOOD Beats production division. . 

After appearing on the record label's 2012 album Cruel Summer, in the song "Sin City", alongside Tiana Taylor and other artists, Scott's first full project was an album called Owl Pharaoh and already in 2014, he released a second album called Days Before Rodeo and from there it's all history. 




 air jordan 1 low travis scott x fragment


Collaboration with Nike 


Since then, Travis had gained much fame and received a variety of offers for collaborations with clothing brands, footwear, etc. 

Eventually, Travis signed a collaboration with Nike, on the iconic model - Air Force 1. 

You may be familiar with the model as the AF100 cactus jack, in white with the Cactus Jack logo decorations over the laces and a beige sole. 

The model was a huge success and the collaboration expanded to the huge dimensions we know today, with the collaboration of the Jordan brand in Jordan 4, Jordan 6 models and of course the model that started it all - Jordan 1, which is currently worth over $ 5,000 in the Resale market. 


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